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 pinch pleated drapes

Pinch Pleated Drapes and Curtains

The variety of options of pinch pleated drapes these days means that every homeowner can find the type that will either complement the existing décor, or set the tone for the home’s furnishings. Regardless of the color, material, length, width, or general ‘look’ that you seek, we’re confident that you can find the pinch pleated drapes that you’re looking.



For starters, we highlight a several types of pinch pleated drapes across this site. If you're looking for information on how to make pinch pleat drapes, we've also included a video with some information. Have a look around!

Pinch Pleat Drapes, Curtains - Options

The interior decoration of the house is completed with the application of beautiful pinch pleated draperies and curtains according with the fashionable status of the room. Varied types of pinch pleat drapes are available with different textures of materials, fabric and design.

One specific option, the “Pinch Pleated Black Drapes”, available from Amazon, express an elegant and bold look to the room thereby making it more stylish. Designs are sewn with quality threads of black and white strings to enhance the look of the drape.

A functional feature of thermal lining lies in these pinch pleat draperies; the thermal drapes enable the room to stay warm and cozy in any kind of climate. A beautifully designed custom curtain is included in the drapes packaging. Black drapes provide an insulation value without affecting the contemporary appearance of the pinch pleat drapes.

“Cameo Rose Drapes”, also available online, are one of the best selling pinch pleated drapes available. This pinch pleat drape is fashionable in design with a considerable weight.

Drawn with the ethnicity of jacquard fabric and feauturising with the presence of floral motifs, the pinch pleat drape is easy to handle and can be subjected to machine wash with cold water and a running in a gentle cycle.

The base of the draperies appears in the form of a handkerchief along with pleats and fringes. While using these curtains it is very important to note that the drapes should not be subjected to bleaching because it is completely made up of polyster.

Another design would include the “Red Drape”, also available online. These pinch pleat curtains / draperies appear with a blushing red color and is polished with crinkle crushed fabric finish. The material has traces of silk and thereby changes the outlook of the room with a shimmering and glamorous design.

 pinch pleated drapes

A specific kind of ivory pinch pleated curtains is also available that decorates the room with a lustrous finish of ivory on the vertically designed drapes. “Cotton Duck” involved in the manufacture of a complete cotton product that is quite heavy in weight.

These pinch pleat drapes have features like the presence of a 5” bottom hem and thermal lining features that generally benefits in providing insulation.

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As you can tell, there are a plethora of pinch pleated drapes and curtains available, in all sizes, styles, materials and colors, from the creative polka dot drapes, to the more basic solid colors.



Happy shopping, for the drapes that fit your needs and your home!

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